It has been a TOUGH few weeks hasn’t it?!? We have been really encouraged by the emails we have received from our clients and contacts on our mailing list.

Here’s some of the things they had to say…

“Just a line to say these email updates are super useful.  Thanks so much to you and the team for getting them out. I know global accountancy clients who are way behind you in proactive, sense making information broadcast.  You are well ahead of the pack!”

“I would personally like to thank you and Cedars as a company for your support through all of this and the daily communication. It can’t be easy for you and you can’t be expected to have all the answers but I feel you have been brilliant.”

“just thought I’d let you know that these updates have been very helpful and certainly beneficial to me”

“Thanks to you and your team for finally getting me straight.”

“I just wanted to say thank you for your regular email updates you are sending on the Coronavirus situation and various Government schemes. Especially helpful were the VAT deferral and the job retention grant emails”

“You are a star!  That’s the kind of clarity I needed.”

“I must say your daily newsletter is a fantastic resource and source of inspiration during these dark days!!”

We really appreciate the feedback that we have received. If you aren’t currently part of our mailing list click here to be added.