Some people in the content marketing industry are saying that email marketing is dead. This is not the case – not even close. Building an email list is just as important today as it’s ever been!

When it comes to reaching your audience for a small amount of time every day, social media might be your preferred method with the use of a daily news feed.

BUT … when it comes to converting prospects into customers, email marketing still does a better job.

In email marketing your audience is key, front and centre of everything you send. Obviously like most businesses your customers have different issues and requirements. This specific issue or requirement must be used to segment your list to make your email series relevant, there is even technology out there that will do this for you now.

The point of segmentation is to give people exactly what they want. Then, as Ryan Diess suggests in his book ‘The invisible selling machine’ you can build your email series in 3 steps:

1. Welcome

These 2 or 3 emails (initial hurdles) are to get the subscriber to like you, trust you and to know you and what you are sending them.

2. Engagement

Maybe 4 more hurdles where you make offers and suggest your subscriber might like to buy. Don’t be tempted to rush or push. Rather, keep your content relevant and focused on the subject of your lead magnet.

3. Ascension

The final series of emails turns buyers into multi buyers and offers additional opportunities. This is where the real money is made!

Remember: email marketing segmentation is about more than just converting. It’s about understanding your audience better and how to better serve them in the process.

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