Your competition is stiff, the world of business is tough. In most industries it’s a buyer’s market. Customers can shop around and choose whoever they want to do business with. They will jump ship at a moment’s notice if things don’t go right for them. A customer will only stay loyal to a business if they have a good reason to. As a result, you have to work even harder to keep your customers and build their trust in you, your products/services and your team.

By providing the best customer service, you will increase trust. That could mean the difference between customer loyalty and customers who jump ship.

So how do you do this?

How do you keep customers and make them loyal, make them return to you and recommend you to others?

When was the last time you looked at your customer service performance and the tools and techniques your team use?

When something goes wrong for one of your customers, I am sure you and your team work very hard to put it right and ‘wow’ them with your memorable customer care.

We all like the ‘wow’ stories about good customer service, for example:

Fed-Ex hiring a private jet to deliver a wedding dress on time, at no additional cost to the customer.

How the Ritz-Carlton before returning a lost toy to his owner, created a photo album of ‘Joshie the Giraffe’ on his extended holiday, by the pool, playing golf and on the beach.

It sounds like the right thing to do. You sort the problem out and ‘delight’ them with the level of care you have provided.

But what if it’s not enough if you want to win customer loyalty? What if there is a better way to deal with your customers problems…

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