Cash Flow Is The Single Most Important Issue In My Business…

Do you agree?  Most of our other clients do.  In this economy, cash is king and managing your cash flow is more important than ever. Cash flow is especially important for small businesses and start-ups. All it takes is one client paying late or dropping your services to cause worry and stress.


Cash flow forecasting is essential for making important decisions about when to spend, when to save and how to avoid a sudden cash flow crisis. Business health, survival and growth is directly tied to your cashflow. It’s important to not bury your head but rather ask the hard questions…Do you know how long your cash will last? Do you have detailed cash flows or are you just winging it and hoping for the best? Is your current cash position keeping you up at night?

Short and simply… If you are spending more than you bring in, you need to do something about it, before your cash flow runs dry.

However,  if you monitor your cash flow and create a forecast, you will be able to see what money you have coming in and when. You can determine when different payments are going out or when you are going to need to make further orders in terms of stock. This will help you to get a true understanding of how much money you are going to have available on different dates and at different points. You can then manage your cash flow so you can make sure you always have enough funds available.

We can help!

We specialise in helping our clients manage their cash flow.  We do this by preparing and updating detailed cash flow forecasts, using the latest and most powerful software.  We can also help you negotiate finance with a range of options available.

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